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CrossFit Gym in Belfast

Start your fitness journey at CrossFit Belfast!

Looking to start your fitness journey?

Feel like you need to ‘get fit’ before you start, or maybe you just want the reassurance that you’ll be starting with other beginners too.

We’re launching our group beginner course.

It’s the perfect time to meet your new workout buddies, build relationships while improving your fitness, strength and learn about what, how and when to eat to get the results you desire!

Run by our most experienced coaches they’ll be able to guide you every step of the way helping you feel confident with anything unfamiliar and challenging you in areas you’ve worked before!

Creating a consistent routine is key to gaining success in the gym and in life so we’ve build our group beginners course to match that.

We'll be running an evening group starting on the 10th October.

Our evening group will start at 7.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and 6.30pm on Friday’s

We can’t wait to meet you.

Use these links to secure your spot
Evening Beginners Course
Week Pass £45

Trusted and loved by hundreds of Belfast Locals

Conveniently located in Belfast

CrossFit Belfast is located a minutes walk from The Lisburn Road and easily accessible from all of Belfast.

Unit 1, 6 Falcon Rd, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND, BT12 6HR United Kingdom
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Life's short, start building health and fitness to be proud of today!

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