JP Mitchell

JP Mitchell


Can row faster than the average human

Almost do the splits

I am much heavier than I look


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma,

BSc Human Biology

Level 1 Rowing Ireland Coach

Level 1 Weightlifting Ireland Coach

About Coach

I grew up active but unfit, I couldn't run a mile and got picked next to last for sporting activities. After a lot of hard work, I rowed for Ireland for 6 years and then transitioned to coaching. I found CrossFit while in Australia and have done and coached it ever since. It's more rewarding helping others achieve success than it ever was doing the achievements myself.

Turning Point

I found when I stopped rowing I was lost, I had built myself up to be a competitor but not had nothing to compete in. What I discovered with time is that what gave me fulfillment was actually working with other people to achieve a common goal. When I found CrossFit I found a group of people looking to create healthy lives. Now we work together to do that!

Motivation & Passion

I love empowering those around me to do what they thought they could only dream of. For some it's learning to surf, for others it's having the energy to teach their kids to surf, for others it's feeling like what they eat works for them instead of it ruining their lives.

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